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Let us organise your payroll function to let you focus on what is important in your business.

Our payroll system is fully compliant, accurate and extremely cost effective. We can process your payroll requests when you need us.

We use professional software to calculate the exact amount you need to pay an individual taxpayer and the amount you need to withhold for tax, which also calculates your company superannuation guarantee properly.

Each quarter we can process your Superannuation guarantee with your Superannuation provider on your behalf. At the end of each quarter we would process the pay’s along with the Super payable together. This way, your employees will feel comfortable that it has been done right and on time.

The other areas of payroll we can calculate or determine are

  • New employees – what you need to do to ensure you are using the correct rates.
  • Pay rates – for your particular industry
  • Holiday pay
  • Leave loading
  • Long service leave
  • Payroll tax

Other areas of Superannuation we can help you with

  • How much Super you need to pay and when
  • Industry superfunds – How they rate
  • Working out which Superfund is best
  • How you or an employee can salary sacrifice into Super
  • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) or Personal superfunds