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When you have decided to set up your own self-managed super fund (SMSF) we can assist. We use dedicated operators who know what they are doing and with our professional input we can guide you to set it up your Self-managed Super fund (SMSF) properly.

With about 570,000 Self-Managed Super Funds in Australia, according to the ATO in December 2015, it seems that everyone wants set-up one. However the statistics are not very good. If you do not invest well your super can perform worse than some industry funds. So you really need to think out your strategy, with help of a licensed financial advisor to assist you.

To do it properly and benefit from the experience you will need a minimum of $100,000 in super to roll over into your own SMSF. The reason is that there are accounting, compulsory audit fees as well as the annual superannuation levy to take into consideration, which with a smaller balance can reduce your earning potential.

We can lead you to some reputable financial advisors who will guide where to invest. As we only choose independent advisors you will receive the best advice possible.

The benefits of setting up your own Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

  • Control where your superannuation is invested
  • Potentially achieve lower fees
  • Opportunity to outperform the market with strategic diversification and planning
  • Reduce your Capital Gains
  • Combine family members into the one fund, which can benefit these family members more.

Self-Managed Super Fund Audits

We are also licensed to carry out SMSF audits. Of course, we cannot audit the accounts if we have prepared them for you. However we can audit the funds other accountants have prepared and can arrange another reliable accountant to audit the funds where we prepare the accounts and tax return.